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No matter how well prepared you are, there might be times when you run short of funds. If you need funds to meet your short-term monetary requirements, you can apply for a loan against securities with Geojit Credits. We provide 100% digital loans against securities of up to Rs 2 crore so that you can meet all your needs without any hassles. Our loan against securities interest rates are very competitive and start from just 10.99% per annum. What’s more? Your securities will only be kept as collateral with us, and you will continue to enjoy their ownership and earn returns on them.

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We provide loans against securities through a 100% digital and online process in three simple steps on our website:

Create an account and complete your KYC

Select your loan scheme and pledge your securities
E-sign your loan agreement

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We provide loans against various kinds of securities, including stocks, mutual funds, sovereign gold bonds, commodities, etc. You can use these loans to meet all your personal and professional requirements.

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Customised products

Minimum documentation

Easy application process

Strong after-sales service

Quick Disbursal

Zero foreclosure charges

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I am very happy with Geojit Credits Pvt Ltd as they give maximum support and assistance to help me meet my financial needs, which gives me the financial freedom to plan and achieve my goals. My requests are processed without delay, thanks to the great customer care and dedication by the team.

Muresh Kumar

Geojit Credits is clearly at the forefront on high quality customer service and customer care. I appreciate their way of making me comprehend all the pros and cons of the financial instruments that I avail, their way of keeping things simple and easy, and their way of giving prompt feedback and responses. I am quite happy with the support they provide and wish them the very best in their journey ahead."

Biju Pramod

The credit facility allows you to raise finances instantly for meeting your short-term financial requirements by pledging your securities or investments in shares, mutual funds, sovereign gold bonds, EPF, etc. You can use Geojit Credits’ facility to avail of a loan against securities, and then, repay the loan amount in monthly instalments or lump sums without incurring any additional pre-payment charges.

Loan Against Securities is a financial instrument offered by Geojit Credits that gives you access to funds against your financial assets. It is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to raise quick finances. You can apply for Loan Against Securities in three simple steps:
  • Create your account on our website and complete your KYC
  • Select an appropriate loan scheme and pledge your securities
  • E-sign your loan agreement and get the loan amount in your bank account

When you apply for a loan against securities scheme with us, we will gauge the present valuation of the securities you hold. Based on the market value of your investments, we will provide you with a credit limit against them. You can avail from the credit limit as per your requirements and then you can repay the amount at your convenience. Once you’ve taken a loan from us and repaid the entire amount, it becomes a ‘successful credit’.

The credit facility comes with several benefits for the customers. Firstly, you can get access to high-value finances by pledging your investments and meet all your financial requirements without any hassles. Secondly, you can make pre-payments on your loan account anytime without incurring any additional charges. And thirdly, we offer loan against securities at competitive interest rates as loan against securities is a secured loan.

We levy the most competitive interest rates on our loans against securities. Our loan against securities interest rates start from just 10.99% per annum. Moreover, the interest would be levied only on the amount you use and for the loan duration.

You can avail Loan Against Shares by signing LAS agreement and submitting / uploading the following documents along with the loan application:
  • A copy of your PAN Card
  • A copy of your Aadhaar Card (masked)
  • Proof of your bank account
  • Proof of your Income (ITR copy – Rs 10 lakhs & above loans)
  • Recent passport-sized photographs
  • Pledge creation form

The loan amount will depend on the securities transferred and the margins specified.

Loan will be provided for a period of one year at a time, renewable by mutual consent.

Interest will be charged on the basis of daily outstanding balance in the loan account and will be accounted monthly. You are requested to pay interest debited every month to avoid your account becoming a Non Performing Asset (NPA).

You can repay the loan either by selling shares pledged to us or by paying the amount. If you wish to sell the shares, please inform us through mail and we will sell the shares to settle the loan outstanding plus interest. You can close the loan by transferring funds to Geojit Credit's bank account by way of Cheque/DD/Online/NEFT mode.

Yes. You can make part payment and there are no prepayment charges.

After closing the loan, the shares will be transferred to your Demat account as per your instruction.

Yes. You can swap your existing security with another eligible one of same value with prior approval from Geojit Credits Pvt Ltd.

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If there is a margin shortfall that exceeds the permissible limit, we will notify you via your registered email id, and you can clear the margin shortage by using any of the repayment options listed above or by transferring additional securities. However, in the event of your “Loan to Value (LTV)” remaining in excess of 50% for a period of 5 continuous trading days, we shall sell pledged shares proportionately to bring the Loan to Value below 50% as required under regulations.